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ideational support and financial realisation

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koop. büro für gestaltung

* layout and technical implementation of the website

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jan rettig

* content and reliability of the data; researches the far right and its transnational ambitions within europe, especially in and around the european parliament (; at times gives lectures at both the university and the university of applied sciences bremen; actively involved in antifascist and antiracist politics

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for the friendly concession to use the photos on the front page. the photo "gemeinsam gegen den rechtsruck in europa" (engl.: together against the shift to the right) was taken by anton launer (neustadt-geflüster) and shows a demonstration on 15th of february 2020 in the context of protests to counter the annual history revisionist nazi mobilisation to dresden (saxony, germany)

* to all who once in a while revised the page, found errors, made suggestions for improvements and to those who will do so in the future